Can I be a dick?

No. Please respect our land, our neighbors land, and Simpcw First Nations land.

Can I be awesome?

Yes. Love each other, love yourself, be kind, stay nice, and keep cool.

Can I be a slob?

No. Please use designated recycling/waste bins, clean up after yourself, and pack out what you pack in.

Can I drive away drunk or high?

No. There is absolutely no drinking or drugging and driving. Please inform any of our volunteers/hosts if you need to be anywhere other than DFA?, and we will do our best to get you there. Anyone seen driving away from the festival site under the effects of drugs or alcohol will be reported to the police.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Respectful dogs are welcome. We have animals who live on the property that we love very much an we do not want to lose any to a shitty dog. If you know your dog will act up around other dogs, goats, chickens, a cat, other people, or anything else that you may find at either a farm or a music festival, then please make other arrangements. There is a doggy daycare, Mutts Boarding & Daycare, just 20 minutes away towards Clearwater. Don’t fuck this up for everyone else. We love furry animals, and want to have them around. However, owners of unruly pets will be asked to leave without refund.

Can I park or camp wherever I want?

No. Park in designated parking areas if you are tent camping, and camp in one of the designated camping areas scattered around the property. If you are RV camping, please park you rig in one of the marked RV zones.

Can I drink alcohol on public property?

No. Please, open liquor off the property. Yes, its nice enjoying a bevvy on the way to the lake, but you don’t want a ticket ruining your weekend. Police have been known to patrol the area and confiscate open alcohol.

Can I be super loud after the music has finished?

After the music is dunn, please keep your after-parties respectful to fellow campers, families, and neighbors. Please no late-night drum circles.

Can I get stupidly wasted?

There is no tolerance for drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, or other unnecessary behaviors. Don’t be a dick, or you will be shamed as a dick and asked to leave.

Can I be a pyromaniac?

No. Please be fire smart. Enjoy our few communal fire pits, or other designated pits. We have already lived through one forest fire, and we really don’t need to do that again.

Can I rock the fuck out?

Fuck yeah! Rock ’till you shit!